Who We Are?


We are passionate about growing the local young talents, building the digital transformation capability for our clients’ business.

We’ve helped to provide great exposure to our local professionals with opportunities working in worldwide projects and leading technologies.

Our Mission

Bring clarity to the digital priorities, strategies and opportunities within businesses or technologies trend, especially the upcoming 5G and 6G transitions. Help raising awareness on the importance of future digitalization and new norm transformation to achieve the exceptional results desire.

Being the leading IT service provider based at Malaysia, as the center development and IT operation hub making the success to our clients on their worldwide businesses.

Extraordinary Experiences

  • Management team with 10 to 30 years of IT working experiences.
  • Large scale and complex digital implementations.
  • Talents of expertise as one stop solution for any digital transformation and use case implementation.
  • Digital resolution coverage across industries, inclusive Fintech, Insuretech, eCommerce, Industry 4.0, Smart Technologies, Super App Development etc. 

Our Core Values

  • Skills and knowledge with modern technology stacks.
  • Shared resources pool of 160+ consultants together with partner companies.
  • Our consultants are trained with working exposure to worldwide projects implementation.
  • Culture with knowledge sharing and thinking process focus. 
  • Regional support and deliveries capability based at Malaysia for international clients.

Our Strategic Partners